Everybody sleeps.

Not everybody sleeps well.

We’re here to change that.


Where you get insights and answers for your sleep problems.

Restafy believes that getting insights and answers for your sleep concerns shouldn’t be hard – from sleep wellness to home sleep testing to results to talking to a Board Certified Sleep Physician; it should be simple.

The Restafy experience is simple. You order your package online, answer our Sleep Assessment, and with the Basic and Plus packages you’ll take a home sleep test (we even provide a prepaid label so you can mail the test kit back to our lab). Restafy delivers easy to understand insights  online about your sleep and action steps you can take.

Our Basic and Plus packages include a home sleep test which is interpreted by a board certified sleep physician. We’ve even included a video consultation with a Board Certified Sleep Physician in our Plus package. Don’t worry, we have you covered if you’ve purchased an Essential or Basic package and want to talk to a Board Certified Sleep Physician about your results and develop a treatment plan, you can purchase an online video consultation right from your Sleep Profile dashboard. We also have you covered if you need to purchase sleep apnea treatment supplies.

We are proud to offer direct-to-consumer sleep wellness screenings and home sleep testing without having to visit a physician or dealing with insurance.

Our team of designers, developers, and customer advocates are committed to helping you sleep better.

We empower people like you to get insights and answers for their sleep problems from the convenience of their own home, on their own time.

Restafy for better sleep

Tired of being tired? You deserve great sleep. We’re here to help you get it!

We’re people passionate about helping people sleep better.

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Our Story

Restafy was founded off a series of conversations around the issues our loved ones, colleagues, friends, and even ourselves had trying to get the root of sleep problems. Time and again, the stories focused on having run into issues dealing with insurance, troubles getting a test prescription, finding a home sleep test provider, figuring out sleep issues when multiple factors are involved, and even simply finding the time to deal with all of it in our busy schedules. We knew there had to be a way we could make getting answers to sleep problems easier.

After unsuccessful searching for an easy way to get insights into sleep problems without having to deal with doctors and insurance companies as step one, we decided to create one. And Restafy was born. Pulling together a team of sleep specialists and technology experts, we developed a web-based platform that allows us to look at eight key areas of sleep wellness, gather personal sleep data and analyze it, deliver insights using user-friendly visual interface, streamlines meeting with Board Certified Sleep Physicians about your results, and gives you the option to purchase sleep apnea treatment supplies online in a couple clicks – all using a cash pay model that makes the whole process easy.

It’s managing your sleep health redesigned for how we live and work today. There are no hoops to jump through, you can do it on your schedule at home, and you have any time access from your mobile or desktop device.